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    2/13/2019 8:40 pm

    I love this post. My problem is letting go. I know this process works I have had amazing results, but my biggest issues is letting go I am definitely going to give this a try


    1/09/2019 3:19 pm

    On and off I feel as if I've let go and then some reminder triggers a longing thought.  

    So he texted me some nasty stuff....I'm so hung up somedays that I actually liked the negative attention for a few brief it didn't even hurt.

    Then I got busy with some seasonal work and extra stress.  I was truly unhappy over the holidays because I felt like my life was on hold for my family who finally took off.  Didn't think about my guy until the new year when I sat up i bed and kinda this is it.  I am alone.  I guess that is ok.  Then all kinds of little great stuff happened.

    So I've been using that technique.  i really feel the yucky stuff and then I say...well that's what I feel.  That's whats happening and its ok and I'm ok...and then something easy happens.  Its the first time in my life I've had an actual technique for letting go....I tend to hand on like a rat terrier to stuff.

    One of the things that did happen is that a younger than my younger gentleman friend who dumped me...asked for my number the last week of my seasonal job.  He's not the one.  He is just kind.  But you know....57 and he's 42 and he didn't notice?   He thinks I'm absolutely adorable....his words.  I never thought those words ever when using PW.  But you know...I'll take it.  At 57 and other wise alone....I'll take it. For now.

    Let go let go let go.....can't be afraid of the spaces in between all the good stuff.

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