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General Discussion "For Women Only" » Mediation » Today 11:43 am

What’s the best meditation to do in the morning? To start your day off right, and raise your vibrations? TIA

General Discussion "For Women Only" » Reverse energy reaching out » Today 12:25 am

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So I never knew that by reaching out to the guy you like, they can trace the energy path back to you and reach back out to you.  So all of a sudden you start feeling something.  It can be anything, it could be whatever you did to them they are doing back to you.  So I am guessing if they are tracing the energy back to you, they are aware of what you are doing and it's no longer just in their subconscious mind, now it's in their conscious mind.

I have no clue if the same rules apply when they are doing this type of telepathy back to you.


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