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Manifesting Your Ex Back » 1 year apart, 1 year of prayers, more than 4 months of technique! » Today 10:49 am

DC wrote:

It's not supposed to be hard. It's supposed to feel good, and you are supposed to trust.

By the questions that you are asking, it seems as though you are very attached and are trying to move things along.

There was a post by Colonel Roosevelt on Veronica's forum that might help (below), but there is a great deal of resistance that most people on here are trying to overcome because of their own emotional state. You are literally supposed to do the techniques and then go about your life. People are so busy questioning and doubting that they end up building hurdles for themselves.

I've told people so many times to focus on healing themselves first. It's so hard to deliberately put these exercises into practice when the heartache, sadness, fear, and depression are basically in control. Hell, maybe they wouldn't even need to do these LoA exercises if they released the heartache first.

But very few listen. It's like they don't want to heal or take care of themselves first, they just want to jump right into this stuff for a quick fix. They pretend that the negative feelings don't exist and just pretend to be happy as if they are in another universe. A month passes, three months, a year, several years...those negative feelings are still there boiling beneath the surface. That's why I'm not a big fan of the multiple universes idea. People think they can just bypass all the negative feelings they have by entering another universe. That's denial. And what happens when you enter this other universe where everything is perfect? Your subconscious feelings won't accept it because they are still in control, so this universe just stays the same because change has to start within first.

I have a theory that unresolved fear and sadness from heartache and depression could be secretly ruling our subconscious, thus all the clingy and desperate posts we see across the forums. Sure, we could just consciously change our focus and maybe we'd see results...but it doesn

General Discussion "For Women Only" » PW technique-Telepathic dreams » Today 3:02 am

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Was searching this forum to see if anyone had similar experiences; I had a dream last night and it was that he was pretty much over me. The character of the person in the dream I didn't even recognise though, I remember waking up and thinking, 'but I know he is nothing like that so that dream has to be false'. I went back to sleep and continued that dream. It definitely was a dream, not a telepathic thing, because the story was bizarre like his friend had moved into my house or something, but I just wonder if it means anything or is just my subconcious worrying. 

I am on my week break of LS, I did a guided mediation last night but fell asleep so not sure if it worked properly. Any input?

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