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Success Stories » Success And Update! » 2/23/2019 7:08 pm

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Well ... I would never have believed it ... because I completely forgot about him after doing Lanie's technique for 2 years I let him go one day end of 2017. Then few days later I met a man I am totally in love with and him with me !! 

I was enjoying my new relationship when the middle of 2018 he reached out to me to tell me about some family news. I couldn't believe I was speaking with him again after so many years! I did Lanie's PW technique and the Revision technique i.e. we never broke up 

Fast forward to 2019 we are going to meet up when he comes to Europe on business.  I don't have high expectations anymore but he seems very interested to see me again, and is still very attracted to me. 

Meanwhile I am happy with the new man. It will be funny to see if David really steps up this time. 

Blessings, Sarah 

General Discussion "For Women Only" » PW/LS/subs/LOA What is happening?! » 5/07/2018 6:50 am

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Yes this is very common. I have practiced these techniques for a few years now, as well as studying Neville Goddard. 

I now believe that we have several "specific people" on different timelines. Its my experience that when I focused on a new man after having let go completely of another one, he came back. But only once I had completely let go of him. 

Success Stories » Did your POI become more distant at first after doing Love Spell? » 4/17/2018 10:02 am

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oh wow ok
 yes I am definitely not reaching out to him only in the meditation sessions. 

The thing is that he has become distant, meanwhile - I am not kidding - I have received 2 marriage proposals from other men (1 is very serious, the other is half serious) as well as an ex coming back. But I don't really want to have a commitment with any of them lol 

Success Stories » Did your POI become more distant at first after doing Love Spell? » 4/16/2018 12:49 pm

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Hello everyone! 

I have some great news, my POI has repeated to me many of the things I have been saying to him in PW sessions. 

More recently I ramped it up a little using PW to create a much stronger connection and in most of these sessions he is very emotional and is talking commitment, and I am the only one for him etc. etc. 

He has become more distant recently since doing this however. Does this often happen? 


Success Stories » Missing this forum, back with GREAT news! » 8/28/2017 6:38 pm

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What would your advice be if he is now dating someone new? I think sometimes there is a tendency to obsess about a third party or stop believing altogether ... 

Huge congrats to you! And thank you for sharing this very uplifting story. X 

Manifesting Your Ex Back » all my other exes are coming back ... » 7/23/2017 1:01 pm

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just to share, almost ALL of my exes are coming back in the last few weeks. I have amped up the PW and BWD on my POI but also fully let go of him at the same time. I have been actively chatting to other men and just repeating affirmations "I am Worthy I am Respected I am Loved I am So Desirable" etc. etc. over and over. 

I received an email from an ex who I don't really want back now and my jaw literally dropped when I read it. He was very apologetic and regrets letting me go. He said "I deserve to be with my husband and son" I just burst out laughing because I never told him I am married but I have been imagining being married to my POI ... 



Manifesting Your Ex Back » Update on my Man » 5/30/2017 6:48 am

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Hi everyone!!! 

Another update on my Man ... well we are not in regular contact at the moment but I did contact him recently to ask him to pay me back for a plane ticket that he paid for (on a trip we were going to take last year but which ended up not happening on our fallout). 

Anyway, point being I went back and REVISED the whole situation. I have now revised not only our falling out and changed the facts that we did actually do that trip together, but I have also revised last year when I moved to be with him and changed it to I am still living with him!! How cool is that. 

So in my mental scenes and visualisations, I have been living with him since October last year and we are making plans to get married. 

He has been friendly both times we were in touch recently, but he has not yet paid me back for the plane ticket which he said he will do ... so I am curious now because I have been doing the Love Spell and PW on him for almost 4 months, and before our fallout at Christmas was doing PW intensely on him. 

Lanie mentions something in the Love Spell book about not overdoing it?? 

So I am PW him away in the background, not making any more contact with him and just keep living in the end which is us living together and making plans to get married. 

He is coming to Europe in 2 weeks again so have been imagining him contacting me to see if we can meet up and make up. 

Have no doubt that its working ... it definitely is otherwise he would not reply to me so enthusiastically and in such a friendly way, especially after doing the Revision. 

just a matter of feeling it real some more, and not looking at his social media / Instagram / Twitter at all as I tend to get off track when I see things that could mean he has someone else ... ignore all that now because its me that he is always thinking about! 

So - Revision plus PW working away very nicely indeed.


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