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1/08/2018 9:21 am  #1


hi hi. not sure if i'm posting in the right place so i'll add to "questions" thread as well. i'm new here and to the visualization technique, though i've been meditating (or trying!) for a few months now. 

i'm having a tough time relaxing when i get to the actual visualizing part - when i focus on "seeing" him, calling, walking towards me, etc. my eyes, though closed, start to flutter and i feel like i'm tensing up. i don't have this problem AS MUCH with Lanie's audio guided one, though i feel it's more fluid, though the audio talk prevents me from hearing what he's saying (or what i'd like him to say!) since there's not enough of a silent break. i'm not sure what's happening, feels like i just can't relax. i'd like to be able to overcome whatever it is since my aim is to be able to have "quickie" sessions throughout the day if needed. the guided audio one is too long, that one i'm doing at nights, usually before bedtime. 

Also, i find tears streaming down my face in reality when he's "talking," not of sadness, but intense emotion. is this ok?! 

any suggestions, tips, welcome and thank you! 

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11/19/2018 7:46 am  #2


I think crying while meditating is okay, It's a manifestation that you are communicating deeply with your higher self.


12/13/2018 8:08 am  #3


Hello there! I think you should keep on visualizing and meditating more often, find that zen wherein you can concentrate and relax so that you can focus and give fully your mind and heart for it will happen.  

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