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5/02/2018 2:29 pm  #11

Re: How to Claim Your Man With Your Mind

Having great results ever since using the CYM meditations. I really enjoy these meditations and all the love and great energy that I feel during and afterward. 

5/05/2018 1:11 am  #12

Re: How to Claim Your Man With Your Mind

Loved hearing that, Soulful_queen3!  Curious about what you've noticed too.

Well, for me it's been mixed.  After the first time, I think I did 3 or 4 of the CYM meditations, like I said, we were talking on the phone and he started saying really REALLY romantic things even suggesting he wants a relationship with me.  But after the second time well I'd sent him texts about meeting and after the second time he said sorry he can't make it.  I asked about the next day and he said he has family stuff.  So oops i sent a sexual text LOL and he goes "soon" 

But it's like, I mean he DOES act like he's keen and I've done things like chickening out of meeting him etc. But on the other hand I now feel like HE needs to initiate things.  It's usually been me initiating and him responding and I feel like, look dude other guys are asking for dates or messaging me, you need to step up here!  Sadly HE'S the only one I actually LIKE who wants a relationship with me - or did.  

So it's a weird situation, we haven't met yet we've been trying to for a couple of months, but I really like him.  I think I'll back off the texting, keep doing the techniques and you do get on with life.  If he's keen then let HIM organise us to meet!  He might be a little shy, we both are, but at this point I feel like it's gonna have to come from him.  

5/15/2018 9:00 am  #13

Re: How to Claim Your Man With Your Mind

Can I do these meditations even if my POI is with another woman or will the other woman somehow interfere with it all?

5/15/2018 10:42 am  #14

Re: How to Claim Your Man With Your Mind

Yes it can be, the start meditation is for deflecting other attention, good luck

5/16/2018 9:51 am  #15

Re: How to Claim Your Man With Your Mind

Hi Lanie,
Thank you so very much for your post. You mentioned in your book (Pussy Whipped) that if you take too long or if you dont see the person in front of you (instead you see the two of you) you are day dreaming. How can I know IF I am day dreaming or seeing the person with my third eye? I guess that is where I think about the third eye while meditating. Thank you so much!

5/20/2018 6:16 am  #16

Re: How to Claim Your Man With Your Mind

I don't even know if anyone's going to reply because apart from a few of us not many people seem to be active on here - (why?)

I just want to update & I'd like to know if anyone has been through similar and got past it.
SOOOO I have used a LOT of things on my specific person (we haven't met yet) including Pussy Whip, BWD, Claim your man and more recently Reverse Remote Seduction.

But NOW for the SECOND TIME since we matched he's started "seeing someone" a different person than before.  We had this window of opportunity to meet and even during that time he all these romantic things like he loves me he would LOVE me to be his girl etc etc. but I don't know I'm just a little fed up right now.  We didn't meet for reasons that were sometimes him and sometimes me like I chickened out, another time I got too busy.  I AM open to it being a brand new guy but I tend to be attracted to SO FEW people!  So it's not like there's a ton of guys out there who DO it for me!  I might LOL do a FWB thing with a guy I find attractive but he has some issues (he's not wanting a relationship with anyone anyway) who lives quite local (this one is 2 hours away!) just to help me get over the one I like and plus that one really wants sex with me anyway LOL.  Or he DID. 

has anyone had this along the way like they got into a relationship WHILE you were doing some of the techniques on them?  Are there any cases in which EVEN THOUGH that happened, you still ended up together in a relationship a happy one later on?

I've been REALLY straight up with this guy and said contact me if things change but know that even though I find you very bang-able (LOL) I'm also looking for love.  

He replied "I will definitely let you know xx"

I've told him I can click my fingers and get sex if I wanted, even from hot guys (that's true, too) but I only want you if you're open to more.

(If things DON'T work out with her.)  And i've wished him love & that he's happy & said I agree we shouldn't be in touch at the moment & he needs to give this a chance.  

SOOOOO has anyone had this??

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5/20/2018 3:52 pm  #17

Re: How to Claim Your Man With Your Mind

Very unexpectedly ran into my POI...but it unnerved me.  Not sure if I should take a break or continue with the meditations

5/20/2018 9:06 pm  #18

Re: How to Claim Your Man With Your Mind

hermeshorse wrote:

@BelleFleur - if you want the man then continue but if you don't then you know not to do so.

I'm pretty sure that I will end up a complete weirdo in my POI's presence so I will have to keep thinking calm thoughts and do not act weird - both of which will more than likely be counter productive.

It all depends if he looks at me and then goes all caveman (to quote Chalice Snowflower in one post) and starts chasing me around. 

I do...but the scene didn't play out exactly how I envisioned it.  So I'm not totally sure if I'm doing this right. I guess he caught me off guard too so I wasn't ready.  Any tips on refining this (especially my own reaction--being calm) would be appreciated!

7/09/2018 6:34 pm  #19

Re: How to Claim Your Man With Your Mind

I think someone may have already asked this but do these meditations work on someone you aren’t currently speaking to aka someone I dated but he pulled away and never spoke to me again? And should these be paired with PW and BWD to keep him interested and get him to want you?

7/09/2018 6:37 pm  #20

Re: How to Claim Your Man With Your Mind

They really do work in all circumstances. Lanie spoke about not being in contact with her guy for an entire year, she said she got many confirmations when they reunited that they had been working the whole time. 💕

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