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7/09/2018 8:19 pm  #21

Re: How to Claim Your Man With Your Mind

Glovergirl wrote:

They really do work in all circumstances. Lanie spoke about not being in contact with her guy for an entire year, she said she got many confirmations when they reunited that they had been working the whole time. 💕

Thank you for your reply!
I have PW meditation and All of the books.  I just haven’t tried these new meditation stuff yet and want to use them in the right circumstances.  So if he’s ghosted and I can use the claim him with my mind bundle meditations, I’m all for it.

Thank you again!

7/10/2018 4:17 pm  #22

Re: How to Claim Your Man With Your Mind

Hey that's awesome! I wonder what's afloat or what's about to happen?

If you don't know how to make a man happy with your clothes on you have failed as a woman..

7/12/2018 9:44 pm  #23

Re: How to Claim Your Man With Your Mind

I really love reading your posts hermeshorse. Thank you for sharing so much! I do not think I have gotten the pins and needs sensations but I do have big twitches, and what feels like electrical jolts, happen when connecting deeply. 

Which meditation is the rub him down with your essence? I have the CYM bundle but so far I only do the connecting energy fields. I do that one often and I think it is powerful. 

7/13/2018 4:18 am  #24

Re: How to Claim Your Man With Your Mind

Hello all! 
I am considering getting the new CYM bundle as well, as I sometimes don't feel like being restrained to the PW or BDW, but usually like to have still some guidance.
For those of you who already got them, could you let me know how long is the actual guided part? I saw that some of the meditations of the bundle are easily 40 to 60 min, Lanie specifies that the extra time at the end is for when we want to continue the visualization, but I'd like to know how long is the part before that :-)

Thank you! :-) 

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7/13/2018 3:26 pm  #25

Re: How to Claim Your Man With Your Mind

hermeshorse wrote:


In my case I was at a conference and sadly there was very little opportunity to talk to my POI. This was partially down to someone else getting in first and down to my own infernal internal self talk.

Did I act weird? Only in as much as sitting like a lemon trying not to act weird, trying not to show any more or less interest or come across as some mad woman he'd never met before (in this life time - don't ask).

If anything his reaction was not what I expected at all - and I can compare because I've seen some footage of presentations he's given before.

He was ridiculously over animated, revealed a couple of things about his personal history and when his co-presenter was talking, sat in a position where his gaze was directly at me. There were perhaps two or three people on my side of the room. He stared.

Before the presentation began he strutted and did a little dance to someone taking a video, I noticed laughed, the woman pointed this out to him, he turned around and flashed me a huge smile ( with raised brows) at me. Walked off and kept looking back.

Yep, something is afoot...

This last selection of meditations are truly something else. Exceptional


Yes ladies, the claiming your man with your mind is most definitely just like taking that tastiest doughnut from the box and making sure EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE knows you've licked it!

Ha ha ha

I'm happy to report there was no weirdness the last time I saw my POI.  I see small signs of life.  I will continue.

7/13/2018 4:44 pm  #26

Re: How to Claim Your Man With Your Mind

hermeshorse wrote:

So far I've not been in contact but I've been taunted by the prospect of attending another conference next week.

Unsure if I'm eligible to attend this one but I've been doing the CYM and rub him down with your essence thing and last night it was wildly emotional, happy emotional, huggy, kissy, snugly emotional. Saying his name, and I can't help but just hold him, play with his hair, stroke him etc.

Funniest thing is that I get a strange pins and needles sensation across various bits of my face, neck, shoulders, back as well as the soldier at the castle gate effect.

I had a fairly intractable issue today where I could really really do with his help so I mentally called his name several times whilst I was feeling lost. I'm not entirely sure what happened but I felt immediately comforted and compassion from him. I don't want to do that too often as it's unfair to burden him with my issues and I really hate showing my own negative emotions.

Love this!  I don't think I've gotten those kind of sensations.  Sometimes I'll feel a glow or rush of warmth in my chest when I'm doing meditations and I'll feel really happy.  Sometimes, I feel emotional and my eyes get teary.  I just know it means we're connected.

In the connecting to your mate meditation, Lanie has you create a ball of energy to your hands and then project it to your person and imagine it caressing him.  Is this the meditation you are referring to?

7/14/2018 6:24 am  #27

Re: How to Claim Your Man With Your Mind

hermeshorse wrote:

Yep, that's the one I rub my hooves together and then push out the energy but then find I can't resist feeling my way around him caressing him - well he is sort of standing in front of me or rather that's how I visualise him. 

I think I misunderstood - I just grope away and he stands there with what appears to be a big smile on his face or what I am visualising is a big smile on his face, well he's certainly not running off and often he's dawdling around towards the end of a session refusing to leave as Lanie is counting down. I still don't have an explanation for that or when it feels like he's taking over or when I have not done a session that he comes after me in dreams and reminds me what his intentions are. I honestly didn't set out with any of this, it just happened, I've tried to explain it and this thanks to Lanie is probably the best way to control it.

Yes, it is a connection - the heart thing, pain, palpitations. Odd feelings that don't feel like your own sometimes - actually had something yesterday that felt what I imagine a heart attack to feel like BUT middle/wrong side so could have been a muscle strain, however cleared up when I asked him for help. I know I have a couple of tells that make him laugh at me during the meditation (yes, he's interacting - that I don't understand at all) and the bit where we are supposed to feed them what we want them to say - forget that, he's a complete stream in his own right. 

The reason I do the physical stuff is that the visual side isn't that great for me but I'm better with his voice, how he feels (or rather a man feels), kissing is good, oh yes, he's very very very good... I just hope no-one ever walks in on one of my meditations as it must look totally mad.

It's so funny but now when I look at his image, and I have done a sort of vashikaran type thing - photogaze - he is so positive and emitting a vibe of yumminess out at me.

The conference behaviour was so funny that I wondered if I was seeing things but then I remembered something I'd posted about another event I'd gone to where a chappie who I'd almost mistaken for my POI (he is very distinctive without going into detail) sat staring at me between presenting. I am sure that I am not completely hideous, but neither am I Lanie's or Angelina Jolie's level of beauty as I'm in my fifties. Mind you Lanie herself wrote about a garden gnome of a woman but who used PW to give herself the sex appeal of Eartha Kitt so there must be some hope for me yet!

One thing I have to state is that if it becomes really apparent that this is all in my head and nowhere else that I will drop it as I don't want to put this man in an embarrassing position in his life or employment. I have no intention to throw myself at him in the physical world - he has to make the move towards me, he's now glimpsed what is available from the sweet trolley - I hope he chooses this particular horse shaped doughnut to lick and say "hands off - that's mine I licked that one!"

I love your energy!  And your skills seem very strong. I'm still learning and feeling my way. What I do at night right as I'm laying down in bed is imagine us together spooning, doing skin to skin (John Kironde technique). I tell him over and over that I love him, he doesn't have to be afraid of my love, etc. and I hear him telling me that he loves me too. I also did Lanie's connecting to your poi during sleep just before I did skin to skin. Last night I felt a sensation in my left neck and left cheek area. I noticed it and just went with it even though I don't know what it means. I like doing the love spell or connecting to your mate meditations in the morning. If energy is neither created nor destroyed I believe this love energy has to be going somewhere and doing something. Let's stay the course and keep the faith.

7/14/2018 10:44 am  #28

Re: How to Claim Your Man With Your Mind

I do not have a sweet tooth, but "ultimately we all want to have our own yummy doughnuts to cuddle, lick and get sticky with." has me smiling on what was turning into another lonely day....oh it is gnawing at me, this loneliness.   Not like me, not before I met "him".  Where is the old independent and aloof Annie?  And why didn't I at least kinda tell him I liked him when I had the chance.   

Yummy get sticky with!  You need to get writing your own books soon are amazing.   Thank you for the smiles.

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7/14/2018 1:03 pm  #29

Re: How to Claim Your Man With Your Mind

Doesn't have to be about stealing anyone's thunder.  You've got plenty imagination to write about anything.  Comedy, misadventure

7/18/2018 10:06 am  #30

Re: How to Claim Your Man With Your Mind

So I’ve been using these meditations for about a week now alternating days.  I wanted to say how powerful I think they are.  Now I don’t know if this is a direct indication of these working  but the person I was seeing basically chose another woman over me.  Over the last few weeks he’s liked allllllll of her social media posts. Literally ALL of them.   Once I started these meditations however,  this abruptly stopped.  I’d like to take this as a positive indicator that these are working to block her out.   He hasn’t come back to me yet but I know it’s going to happen. 

Anyway just an update. These appear to either be working or he’s just been lazy and hasn’t even kn social media.  I’d like to think it’s the former though.

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