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8/15/2018 1:41 pm  #1

Are dreams real? Visions?

I met this really amazing guy. My friend who is psychic predicted to me that I would meet this guy, she nailed it from the height to what he looked like and when it would happen. And yes he came on strong, not crazy strong, but like she said he would pursue me which he did texting me everyday, caring how I was. I live in 6 hours drive (1 hour flight) away, but he lives 8 miles from my parents. My dad is sick so I fly down to see him every three weeks for the weekend.  (She even told me we have a bit distance but we would figure it out.) Anyways, he is musician and he went on tour two weeks ago to whole other country after we had been dating for like a month and half, we spent two whole weekends with him, even met his parents during that time. Well something happened he and stopped messaging when he left for this 4 week tour. It is still new so I figured maybe we were moving too fast, but we were messaging every single day. I did the meditations PW, read lots of responses and felt okay. Maybe I did " Push him out"  I must be honest I was super scared a lot during that month because I had lots love bad relationships and in the past. I did have mini freak out that I didn't share with him, but I did freak out a lot.  So the more I read about pushing out the more I realized I did that because he stopped talking to me. (He only text me once to tell me arrived and said "We got here safe. Wifi is crap at the house were staying. Sorry." My friend still sees him coming around and coming back stronger, that he too is freaking out but to be patient, but I did lanies mediations just so I could see him in visualizations and to put it out there that he contact me. A simple text would make me happy.

But here is what is really weird. I got super bummed out when I saw he has been posting on FB pics of his adventures. (UM wifi?)  I had already texted him several days ago "Hope your trip is going well", no response.  Anyways.... I felt so upset he can't find the time to message me, so I said  forget it. I went out with an ex, someone my psychic friend doesn't like (doesn't get a good vibe from him) and honestly I just wanted to feel good about me. I hadn't been with anyone but the musician since. This other guy he is older and more put together. We had drinks and fooled around (figured I am single), I finally said (because he was going away on his own trip for a couple of weeks) I said you know lets figure this out, we keep coming back together, I want  move forward. he agreed when he got back we talk about us. Yes I was presumptuous, but felt I don't wanna wait anymore.  That night I went home and work up at 2 am feeling scared and lonely. I mediated "I am loved, I am safe" falling asleep. I woke up in bed it was light in the day in my bed exactly how I went to bed, everything was the same except musician was standing over my bed. I said aloud this is dream but he touched me and he felt real. I leaned against, looked at his arm. Touched them.. I screamed what are you doing here?  I could hear his voice and he said "please don't give up on me, I know am being an asshole".  I kept saying this is dream, I leaned over and kissed him...I could taste his lips, and feel the his cheeks on my face.  I pulled away and my touched my mouth I and could feel my lips were wet. I threw my hands around him, convinced this is real. I kissed him and he stopped and said my name "I am so sorry, Please please don't give up on me, I know I am being an asshole..." I told him I missed him and not to go.. then my hands touched his hand I felt his nails, remembering suddenly that he has short nails and these weren't and the alarm went off and I woke up. It wasn't real, I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't. I swear I could smell him, I had never had such crazy yet real dream. 

Can anyone explain what happened? Was it my brain telling me what I should or was it something else? Has this happened to anyone before?  I believe he will come back at some point, his tour his for 4 weeks, I do feel we had an amazing connection. I feel silly I didn't ask if we would have contact when he would be gone on tour but we didn't discuss if we were a couple. I wanna move forward, tired of being alone but I really do like him, the first time I met him I remember feeling like is my friend really right, and when first touched me, I felt this intense connection, that seemed he felt the same way. Should I keep going with PW mediations? Anything else I should be doing?  Anyone recommend a good mediation for fixin wifi? lol!     

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