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10/06/2018 7:15 pm  #1

My ex got angry with me -haven't seen that in three years

My ex-boyfriend is amazing in his own way,  we connect on every level.  When we met, I knew in that moment he was going to change my life either as a boyfriend or friend but that he was a soul mate.
With that said...he has avoidant attachment and introverted.  We have broken up twice, both because he got angry and could not express his need to be alone, the only couple times where I couldn't sense his mood and it caught me off guard.  The anger is always an unexpected outburst of emotion that he doesn't know how to express healthfully.  We've been only friends now for about a year, he doesn't even tell people we broke up...they all just make their own assumptions.  We have great times together truly but when shit gets real, he can't talk about his emotions. Yet continually tells me I'm the best he's ever had and should he ever want to be in a relationship would be me, he still loves me but refuses to act on it yet. 
I manifest everything in my life, I create my reality and I totally resonate with this book.  I did the love spell for the first three times and then again a week later, with some special techniques thrown in.  On Wednesday after the first few times, it was his bday and we had an absolute fantastic time together.  Friday, I did the next love spell, we went to dinner and he later exploded on me for something that I thought I was doing as a joke (we joke and laugh a lot).  He hit the wall and he went to bed angry, I haven't seen that anger in three years.  We've become somewhat of best friends at this point and I think I might have angered him by talking about a guy I was considering dating...which I've done before...I didn't change or act differently.  I absolutely believe in this book, I know it works. Should I keep doing it or did I just make our love worse? Thinking I maybe stop talking to him for a bit and let the spell work?
On a side note, I'm in such a good place in life, very positive, optimistic, funny, have a lot going with my career, I'm in a good place...there's no disbelief or doubt.
Your thoughts are very much appreciated.

10/06/2018 11:13 pm  #2

Re: My ex got angry with me -haven't seen that in three years

I don't think the technique had anything to do with it at all.  Sounds like you just had a little jealousy from him and he reacted.  Perhaps because he's getting more attached to you than before?  If you're interested in him I would not discuss seeing another guy (even as a joke).  I would continue the technique AND send him a short text telling him you're thinking of him or share something cute or funny just to reconnect.  :-)

10/08/2018 1:20 pm  #3

Re: My ex got angry with me -haven't seen that in three years

Thanks Lanie for that support.  I just wanted to make sure my manifesting wasn't backfiring on me.  He was fine when we changed the subject, I certainly wasn't talking about any dating at the time of his explosion.  He reacted badly to something that I thought would be a funny joke.  I see him this Sunday to go dirt biking with friends...any advice there on how to act? I have this week to do the love spells every other day.  Can I use the secret technique in between to influence him giving me an apology?

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12/14/2018 5:03 am  #4

Re: My ex got angry with me -haven't seen that in three years

To think it's a little cute of him to have that jealousy, it simply means you mean a lot! He's worried that he will lose you. Just don't mention the other dude to him anymore, just continue the communication to reconnect and as much as possible keep the communication steady or even add a lil spark to it. Goodluck!

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