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11/14/2018 6:28 pm  #1

stubborn ex HELP

so a lot of you prob know my back story but i have been on and off with my one for 5 years and i started using loa 2 years ago and manifested him back then it all went soooo wrong a argument over nothing literaly nothing and he deleted me off whatsappp all our pics everything 
i tired talkin to him thinking that now i know loa tips i can fix this - nooooooooot at alll 
worst outcome ever he was the rudest to me that hes ever been and i said never want to see you again 
now ive heard so many success stories about how the ex reaches out mine just wont im kidna starting to give up in all the loa things and i tried manifest a text and pw he still wont reach out to me when i say he is the most stubborn he actually is no lie 
i really need some advice what i can do to get him to comminucate with me its like hes jus swiped me out no regret ive always been the kind one to always reach out to him and nooo way am i doing that this time 
i just want to know how i can change this situation please help ladies xx

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