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1/16/2019 7:45 am  #1

Need advice. Please help, it's about my ex

Hello there! I'm having a difficult time right now, my boyfriend and I broke up months ago. I can't seem to hold myself together from all these thoughts and what I'm feeling. First, he was acting strange before we broke up..he was distant and cold towards me all of a sudden, almost felt like i'm alone when i'm with him. strange that he is usually chatter, then it was gone. just sat in silence when we're together and eager to leave after an hour or few hours spending time with me. Text messages are so dry, even when talk over the phone he no longer adds topic to continue our conversations..sad that we never ran out of stories or topics to tell.
he used to check up on me all the time, it's our usual routine, i always know when he is about to text or call me. now i have to do that just to know what he's doing or how is he or where he is..trying my best to not overthink about it but my instincts were so strong that i cannot deny it no more. that there is something, something is up with him.
few weeks later, i've been hearing stories about him that people in our town saw him with another girl outside a bar. even my cousins start to suspect it too. until a girl whom i dont know, leaved a message to me in my facebook that she wants to talk to me, i was hesitant at first because maybe it's about him, then my mind cant take it no more until i finally replied if what does she want from me then she said it's about my boyfriend that he's seeing her online. she sent me screenshots of their conversations and even sending each other selfies. the whole time that my boyfriend telling me he was tired and went to bed, he was actually chatting the girl. i was so devastated..the girl finally said that she regret talking to him and stopped communicating to my boyfriend after months of chatting..i just ended our conversation with "okay, thanks for telling me" and she was sorry.
After days of thinking and preparing myself to confront my boyfriend, i finally told him about over the phone because i cannot do it in person..he admitted it but words came after with "it was a long time ago and it was over". that feeling u already know the truth but when you finally heard it, it's still painful. i cried over the phone and he just kept apologizing. then i broke up with him because i was so disappointed....he begged not to but i was too mad.
Now it has been 6 months, and i miss him badly. it's not the same without him, i want him to come back. my life has been all puzzle-ly and not able to pick up myself. need help you guys, i've been trying to be positive to myself and around people but somehow makes me even more sad that he is gone. what should i do? i've never tried communicating with him ever since the break up coz i feel like i'm disturbing him and i dont want to be rejected if he doesnt want to talk to me.. :/

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