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3/14/2019 11:49 am  #1

Switched PW Technique to a new better guy, and then saw a sign


I gave up on my original PoI cos I wasnt getting anywhere and it wasnt doing anything for me.  I wanted to see if I get better results by switching to the guy who is or is similar to someone who is really meant for me. A guy who I think may be my soulmate and who I know loves me more.  I did PW on the new guy and the first thing I noticed is that when I was sending energy to the heart, I feel loving energy come back to me straight away. I never ever felt this with first guy. 
Secondly, in 2016 when I had a close boyfriend and we were in love, a pigeon couple who were deeply in love used to visit our garden every day and snuggle together for hours. This pigeon couple were daily residents in the garden for the entire year that me and my ex stayed together during 2016. Me and my ex split up at the end of 2016 and shortly after the pigeon couple left.  Today I did the PW on the second guy for the third time and I fell into a deep trance like a strong meditation (i meditate a lot anyway cos I practise yoga, reiki etc.).  10 minutes later, the pigeon couple came back to the garden after 2 years of absence.  They walked around for a bit, and then flew off again

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