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7/23/2019 3:02 pm  #1

Too many meditations?

Hi everyone
I’m very new to this and from trying other meditations I become bored with it very easily. I really love lanie’s meditations but I was wondering if you can do too many different ones? I do it once a day before I go to bed. Thanks for the advice 😀

7/29/2019 9:58 pm  #2

Re: Too many meditations?

I don't know which ones you're using but you don't need variety as much as consistently using the meditations for a period of time.  Select a few of your favorites and put yourself on a schedule of listening to them.  Even if you find it boring, which you shouldn't do if you're really into the visualization, you should continue because you're creating a vision for your subconscious mind to BELIEVE.  Changing up the meditations or trying to manifest too many things at once doesn't work as well because you're diluting your emotions, desires and concentration on the end result.  Hope this helps sweetheart.  :-)

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