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8/20/2019 9:52 am  #1

Help me align please!

My faith in these techniques is wavering since I’ve been practicing them for a week now, and still haven’t heard from my SP. I have such an urge to text him so I will be in his mind, even though I realize this is coming from a place of fear. Any words of encouragement or stories to keep my faith in check?

Thanks everyone!

9/12/2019 10:02 pm  #2

Re: Help me align please!

Ugh you and me both 😣 I’ve been told to just have faith and keep trusting the universe

9/18/2019 6:19 pm  #3

Re: Help me align please!

When you lack faith there isn't enough power and positive energy being sent.  One week isn't enough time to really get confirmation and, as I told in my PW book, I was just lucky that I was lying next to John when I first used the technique.  Had I not been I would never have known how powerful the visualization was and that he received EXACTLY the message I sent.  But when you have doubt you may be half-ass as far as the visualization because in the back of your mind you are thinking it isn't working.  :-)

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