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3/26/2020 5:19 am  #1

Is it normal to cry after PW? Really need encouragement

Hi all,

I have practiced PW twice a day for 2 days. I use it on my ex who really hurts me, because I found out that the real reason why he left me was because he had been chatting with someone online. I thought it was my personality that led to the end, however I didn't expect that he lied about the reason for ending the relationship.

So the first time I practiced PW, I was worried that there would only be hatred and anger within my emotion when I visualized him. To my surprise, I couldn't help smiling in the step when he turned around and walked towards me. I felt  love, warmness and happiness, although I thought there must be hatred inside me. I didn't intend to do so, but in my visualization he held my face. I truly felt the connection.The second time was the same. This time he held my hands and kept telling me "You're sweet".

Is it a good sign for me to feel positive instead of feeling hatred and anger?

Another problem is that I stayed in a positive mental state after my first PW practice. However, I felt my heart beats very fast. Sometimes I even found difficult to breathe, as if I knew something big is going to happen. After my second PW practice, I suddenly felt an urge to cry. At the same time I felt very nervous and I was desperate to check his social media. About 4 hours after my second PW practice, I bursted out crying for no reason. Is it normal to cry after PW?

Really need suggestions & encouragement.


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