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6/22/2020 2:55 pm  #1

RS or Soulmate[twin flame]

Hopefully I can explain this to the best of my ability. I think I’m a victim of a love spell or remote seduction. I met this guy in January and since I’ve met him I cannot get him off my mind. When I seen his eyes for the first time I was moved by his eyes, they were unrealistically blue like pools of water and I got lost in them every time I’d talk to him. There was a kindness a familiarity that I tried to explain to him but he didn’t say much about it. Next time I seen him his eyes are regular brown so that was strange.. We’ve talked on and off in 2019 and I always seen him as a good friend, thought he was cute and supportive but I’ve never had intense feelings for him. We had sex 3 weeks after I met him, and before the sex happened I had intense random sexual arousals to the point of an orgasm. I could be driving home from work, sitting on the couch watching a children’s show and boom! I’m spiritual but I’m not well informed of all this. Because of this experience I’ve been introduced to this category of loa. 5 months passed and the feelings have grown intensely and I’ve been aroused non stop for the past few days - it won’t turn off and I know it’s him because I tested it. Also there’s times where my chest is heavy but I can still breathe, it’s like my heart is pulling me to him and when I’m with him I feel connected & home. There’s sensations of hot and cold. Hot when I feel his love and ice cold when he’s hurting from something I said.

The reason why I’m also thinking it’s some karmic connection is because of the symptoms above. However hes a bit eccentric like myself and although he hasn’t admit to it does do a lot of law of attraction stuff. Not sure if he does witchcraft. However, the  night we had sex he offered me a little water to drink and he drank from the same cup theN weeks later I saw the same cup he left on his side table still there with the same amount of water untouched.  Idk why i noticed that. Also one night I was on my period but we were just hanging out watching tv. He reached in my pants playfully  and touched my vagina then walked to his bathroom, I was confused why he did that but that was another thing that alarmed me but I never asked because I thought he was washing his hands or something. Maybe I’m paranoid but I have a longing desire to be with him although he’s now with someone else. I’ve already said I I have feelings for him and I’ve cried over him. I have to masturbate twice a day I’m constantly telling him to stop. He claims he doesn’t know but he feels it too and didn’t think that meeting me would’ve did all of this. He says he hasn’t done anything intentionally.  I need help understanding what is going on.

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