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2/24/2018 8:47 am  #1

Direction and Help

Hi All

I'm a newbie to LOA well on the conscious level anyway. When I think and look back I know I've manifested things without even realising i was doing it, now that i'm aware of it i really want to explore it more and live everyday by it and have a more fulfilling life.

I want to manifest my ex/sp back, they were and still are the biggest blessing of my life and a turning point when i was at rock bottom, i was so emotionally unavailable that i pushed him away but that was because i hadn't dealt with a past issue, he was trying to help me but i was trying to deal with stuff on my own and didnt want to burden him, i thought i was doing the right thing not burdening him, but boy did that back fire because i ended up pushing him away!

My life is now back on track, past issues dealt with and i'm now healthier and happier than i've been years. My SP know's he was good for me but i haven't really had chance to explain to him just how good he was, if we see each other we still speak because we didn't end badly at all. Now i know what i want, i want us to have have a future together because i know we'd be incredible, we have the same interests, family values and I still love and have so much respect for him. I want us to start a brand new relationship, nothing like it was before where it was him making all the effort, i want to show him the real me and how much i love him. When we are back together he'll be telling his mates this girl is UNREAL and i've not experienced love like this before
. I still have a few limiting beliefs with my confidence which i'm working on, i question my looks alot and infuriate my friends and family they've all told me soooo many times they wished i saw what they saw, but i've had insecurities since a child so its a habit i need to  break. The other think with my ex is i'm 8yrs older, if you were to see us together you wouldn't know plus mentally i act and feel around his age, but the age is a niggling thing in the back of my mind. The past couple of months his ex has been giving me trouble when she found out we'd been seeing each other, they WEREN'T together at the time as she was traveling in Australia, but it she plays on my mind abit because i know he felt bad her giving me trouble, i keep telling myself she's not even worth my headspace, but it is hard!!

Sorry for the long post, what i really wanted to ask is for your help, guidance and direction on:

Your typical days and how you go about manifesting/rituals
How to improve my mainfesting
I love Lanie's meditations and have brought several, with PW how often do you do them, how many times do you repeat what you want them to say and do you say the same thing each time you do it? How often do you add in other meditations like BWD, RS and love spell. 
I'm struggling with visualizations, any suggestions? Also how do you know your SP is connected?
Any suggestions on other LOA teachers, videos or books etc that you'd think i'd benefit from and help me improve
Are there any signs i should like out for from the universe

I'm sorry for asking for so much information but LOA is like a minefield so i was hoping that with some of your experiences you'd be able to give me direction and guidance on what you've all found helped and worked for you etc. I feel in some ways this is a lonely path because i can't tell my family and friends what i'm doing because they would instantly dismiss it,  thus putting doubts in my head and also i feel by talking about things i maybe jinxing it all. 

Many thanks and much love <3 <3 <3

Em xxx

10/24/2018 7:18 am  #2

Re: Direction and Help

Hey Emma!!

You can definitely do it! I did it!
I had to go away to Asia to study for a year and I and my boyfriend broke up, well he broke up with me, but I just couldn't let go of him! 
He even got together with this other girl! And then I went back to England and 6 months later we were dating
!I am now away again, but we are still together, We have been dating since February!
You just have to believe with everything you have!

10/24/2018 1:30 pm  #3

Re: Direction and Help

Hi Emma!  Just do the meditations when you feel it and don't worry about a schedule.  It should be fun and not done out of fear or obligation.  Just your intention is enough so don't worry about whether you can visualize or not.  No-one sees the person, it's only in your mind's eye.  Just like you were visualizing your kitchen at home.  You know where everything is but you can't really "see" it.  Try to keep the message the same for a while.  Mixing it up isn't as powerful as just having a few important things that create attachment and emotion.  :-)

10/24/2018 1:48 pm  #4

Re: Direction and Help

Lanie! I have a question. What are your suggestions for switching up the PW experience? Do you recommend changing the environment of where you see you POI? just want to make it fun

Also, I miss you on YouTube!

12/13/2018 5:56 am  #5

Re: Direction and Help

Hi emma! For LOA to work, you must commit wholeheartedly to it and most especially with your mind. Just believe and you can do it! Gather yourself up with all the visualizations and meditations, and i'm sure it will turn out great! Never have a room for negativity, focus on the positive and it will surely lead you to it. Goodluck!  

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