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8/09/2019 1:20 am  #1

He kept popping up

It is my first post here. There's a men that I was dating (My twin flame) but I figured out that he is seeing other women and the connection is too overwhelmed so I blocked him on whatsapp.

I am still using the meditation everyday to him and get him leave the other person he is seeing. I haven't seen any result from him yet but there are two things happened: 

These days I started dating other people instead of waiting him and do nothing. However, I started having moments of highly urge to have sex with him. Like every night before I go to sleep, sometimes during the day, morning. I was also doing RS on other guys but my TF started poping up whenever I was doing my sessions. 

I wondered if he is using RS on me or just me couldn't let go? 

2. I start seeing signs such as his tattoo on a date's t-shirt, his name (very rare name)  popping up like I never seen before. It never happen before even when he was telling me exactly what I told him during pussy whip. I am not sure it's a sign of the RS is working or a sign I shouldn't give up on him or if he is thinking of me? 

*Lanie, I love your meditations! I don't have much time during the day so I always listen to it while I am on my way to work and before sleep (always fall asleep before I got to the part). I am not sure which one work better... I know most of people sit and meditation but I simply don't have the time


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