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7/12/2019 7:43 pm  #1

Miracle mindset

Hi I was looking to buy this program and can it be used to attract a specific person whose not an ex and do we buy both the programs on the website or one is okay?

7/13/2019 8:40 pm  #2

Re: Miracle mindset

I had to break the meditations up into two groups due to the size of the zip files.  So both programs is really ONE PROGRAM.  If you are only wanting to attract a specific person you may try the PW, BWD or Manifesting Love programs.

The Miracle Mindset gets rid of doubt, old programming and a belief system that blocks you from manifesting.  :-)

7/18/2019 3:22 pm  #3

Re: Miracle mindset

I ve been doing the miracle mindset for some days!now i am at the "get rid of past relationships" session!my mindset and minifesting has completely changed !i think any person who had a life full of doubts and dissappointments should absolutely do it!now i understand and do what Lanie says in P.W:"FEEL"!!!

I also did the "real time call"!that is call someone to come to you with your mind and it had a great great sucess!i saw with my own eyes that the person heard me talking to him!!!i am so happy

About light P.W: I used it with 2 business acquaintances!they just wanted to get rid of  me and now they eat from the palm of my hand

Thank you Lanie

God bless you

7/20/2019 5:46 pm  #4

Re: Miracle mindset

Thank you so much for sharing your successes with the forum Nena.  xoxoxoxoxo

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