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8/19/2019 8:46 am  #1

Love of my life dumped me and never looked back

Hello, I’ve been doing no contact for a month. It was a very nice 5 year relationship, but I was completely blindsided with the breakup. Looking back it seemed maybe his expectations for our future changed within the last year. Right before the breakup I asked him about marriage and he started giving very hesitant responses such as I should not invest in him and that he has issues and doesn’t want to Have the responsibilities of a relationship and doesn’t know if he’ll ever want to get married. This was something new that I believe he’s been holding in for months and months. Then I came over his house unannounced to talk because His phone kept going to voicemail and I was crying about the situation.  I saw he had a “friend” over at 10 at night. He wouldn’t let me in at first but then finally let me in and introduced us (name to name) she left. He kept saying the same thing about not wanting to be bothered with a relationship but wanted to think about my suggestion of him going counseling. He became very cold and dumped me a few days later. Then a week later he was seen with another woman. I was so hurt that someone that dated me the entire time and was very generous, loving and sweet easily dumped me and turned cold within one week.He has not tried to contact me at all.  He use to bring up a prior relationship that seemed to scar him and changed his perception on commitment. So now, I don’t want him because it seems he was cheating but The betrayal and abandonment does hurt. . I want Him to face what he did to me and at least feel a remorseful, regretful and sorry. How should I use PW to make him deal with what he did to me and regret it?  Has anyone had a similar situation?

8/27/2019 1:29 am  #2

Re: Love of my life dumped me and never looked back

How did you not know he had "issues" as he put it after five years together?

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