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6/26/2017 11:55 pm  #41

Re: What if I told you

Thank you! What a real gift!

8/17/2017 4:46 am  #42

Re: What if I told you

Thank you.

The past one month has been mostly down for me. I miss him more than I have in the first two. It just pains me that we're no longer talking.

But at the same time I know he is already here. I'm my only block.

Thank you.

8/23/2018 1:30 pm  #43

Re: What if I told you

Oasiscalm wrote:

What if I told you in 31 days you and your love are going to reconcile. He is going to appear, declare his love and tell you all the things you are currently aching to hear.

Two questions.

1. How would you feel?
2. What would you do?

How would you feel?
I imagine you would light up with joy. You would be elated. You would be absorbed with joy, yet with peace.
For the next 31 days you would be looking forward to the 31st day but more importantly you would be enjoying your daily life even more because you know something big is going to happen, you know in 31 days the man will be there. You would fall asleep and wake with a smile on your face. You would feel only love for him.
This is what getting into the feeling is all about. Capture that and harness it and live it.

What would you do.
So in 31 days your man will be back in your life. What are you going to do now. Are you going to sit at home moping and slobbing for the next month.
No you are going to get out there and do things, you want stories to tell him, to tell him about all the things you did and places you should go back to together.
You want to get your body looking hot and ready, he's coming back to you looking the best you've ever looked.
You will hang out with your girls, because in 31 days you are going to be busy with your man so you need to spend time with them now.
You'll learn new recipes to cook for him. Catch up on Netflix, enjoy your "me" time.
Maybe even date a guy to get the practice of being the focus of attention and reigniting the excitement of dating.
At night you would do PW and Burn with such ease because you know that, that is your way of communicating to him until the 31 days are up. Also those sessions are filling him with such love and passion for you in31 days you are going to experience the rewards

This is what you should be doing now.

I'm saying this because That's how easy it. We all need to remember this simply concept and stick to it. I know it may not be 31 days but once you really commit to it,time becomes irrelevant.

Capture the feeling and get to doing things we enjoy. The man will follow.

been doing exactly that for 6 months... so what now? still not here...

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