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12/25/2018 3:16 pm  #1

Feeling sad... does this mean Im being rejected?

So when I do my RS (not the sexual one) but the on in PW... where we are basically just touching and talking, I feel sadness.  Kind of a feeling in my heart -  I read on another forum that this means Im being rejected... is this true? And if so, should I stop or can it be reversed?

12/25/2018 5:31 pm  #2

Re: Feeling sad... does this mean Im being rejected?

Hi Law1974,

I do not think it means that at all. I think when things like that happen those feelings are coming from within us and we then assign meaning to them. Remember it all comes from within us! You are creating what you want and then visualing that. It sounds like you might need to clear out some things within yourself as those feelings are coming up. You are assigning meaning to that sadness and thinking that you are being rejected. That might be a possible fear that is coming up but it doesn't mean it's real or coming from your POI. You are in control of your visualizations so remember it all comes from within you. When things like that come up I have learned to focus on my vibration and see what is being triggered within me. If fear of rejection is one thing then you have to switch that within you. "He is crazy about me!" "He is so head over heals in love with me." Find that feeling within you and if that comes up you have the ability to switch the feeling into what you want to feel. So much of what comes up within us is based on thought patterns etc. Are you worried he will reject you? If so, clear that! He has dropped all resistance and so have you!! Just imagine in your ideal world what would THAT feel like? What would it feel like to be with him and he was so fully into being with you and vice-versa. Grab onto that feeling and then bring that into your visualizations with him. It can take a little practice and will get easier. 

Remember ALL resistance comes from within us. So what is this feeling about? He doesn't feel that. We can project those things onto them though. 

In visualizing your POI they are essentially a blank slate and you can create whatever you are wanting with them. ALL possibilities are there. There is a post on this forum that talks about that. I will see if I can find it and post a link. 

12/25/2018 5:51 pm  #3

Re: Feeling sad... does this mean Im being rejected?

awesome -- thank you soo much for this!  I dont think I am worried about him rejecting me.  I do think he will come back to me but I do miss him so maybe those felings are coming up because I am sad to not be a part of his life anymore and when I see him it makes me sad!  I will try to reverse it though and remember I need to be happy I am seeing him!  I think you;re right it is an important part of it

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12/25/2018 6:14 pm  #4

Re: Feeling sad... does this mean Im being rejected?

 I think that as we open our hearts in the meditations we are going to feel all kinds of things inside. You might be feeling the sadness you have felt in your separation. That shows how much love you probably have for him. How much love you share. Focus on that beautiful love and know he is there with you in that moment. 

When you are seeing him in the visualization remember he IS there! You ARE connected in that moment so there is no separation. What is happening in the physical world is irrelevant! It just hasn't come to 3d yet but it will!

If you read through the forum you will see so many posts of success stories! It is very inspiring! If you start to feel down focus on the success stories! Remember we are always creating EVERYTHING in our lives wether it is conscious or not. Often we create based on fears and past programming. With visualizing you are intentionally creating what you want! Then once we send the energy out there is does manifest. We are the only ones who can block it from coming to us.

I am not allowed to post a link here yet but the post is under the general forum and it a pinned post made my OasisCalm. It is titled "Attracting the version of the man you want" I find it very inspiring and refer back to it at times! 

12/26/2018 7:29 am  #5

Re: Feeling sad... does this mean Im being rejected?

Oh wow -- that was VERY inspiring..Thank you!  I am also reading some Abraham Hicks books right now which hopefully can help. Thank you sooo much!  Thank is just the cinfidence I needed to move forward!

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