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9/07/2019 12:08 am  #1

Question - Schedule for Techniques

Hello all! I have been practicing Lanie's techniques since April 2018. I have had some huge successes, sometimes my poi will say things verbatim to me as visualized. Sometimes we go into no contact. I have been working on letting go, as that's usually when things really happen. Anyways, I usually do PW (with occasional magic touch), cutting the cord and also repelling outside influence. Does anyone have suggestions on frequency on when to use the other meditations like cutting the cord and repelling outside influence? I had taken a bit of a break on the techniques due to illness and a few things going on but am trying again this week. I want to add that I feel strongly in my 3rd eye area, and strongly in my heart area. I don't generally use BWD since in the beginning my poi ran from the intensity.

Sample schedule:
Monday - PW
Tuesday - Repelling outside influence
Wednesday- PW
Thursday - PW then repelling outside influence
Friday - cutting the cord
Saturday- repelling outside influence

Any thoughts on this sample schedule? Anyone do anything similar?

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