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9/04/2019 10:06 am  #1

I got my ex back in three months!!

This will be very long.

First i would like to give thanks to Lanie Stevens for writing PW and helpin a sista out. I am always grateful for her. In fact with every list of things I was grateful for, I listed her everytime.

So lets start off. I broke up with my ex of two years and went back home for a couple of months. We were cool after the breakup and I realized I was blocked from social media while I was gone. Upon going back to my college town, I messaged him through text and asked why I was blocked. I learned he had a new girlfriend he had been with while I was gone. Good for him you gotta move on sometime.

Well we started to meet up and hang out and reminisce about old times. Now this would have been fine if it was not behind the girlfriends back. I started to feel like I was being strung along. So I stopped it. I asked if he would tell her what was going on and he said no. Something took over me and I told her myself. She did not appreciate it and dumped him. He did not appreciate it. Upon me doing this he decided he did not want to talk to me ever again.

Feeling desperate, I remembered Lanie Stevens and read her book on Kindle. I used the techniques but in the beginning i was a bit obsessed;using the technique several times a day like more than 5 times.

A couple of obsessive RS days later, my ex called through a text app number. I was excited! I answered and it was him! He wasnt happy though. He called me tell me that he was going to meet up with me along with his girlfriend so that he could straight up tell me that "he made a mistake talking to me again" "he loves the other girl and wants to be with her" and once again "doesnt want to talk to me again." I was heartbroken. I cried and cried and when he came to knock on my door, I did not answer. I couldn't. I refused.

Now I was rather angry and I remembered LS saying how you can use this for negative but karma will bite you. I did not care. I used her technique on him AND the girlfriend. I would visualize the girlfriend saying "I will never trust him again" "I am going to leave him for someone better" "i am not happy in this relationship " "i want to cheat on him" and other things. I would visualize him saying "I cannot stop thinking about you" "I am not happy with her like I thought " "She cheated on me" and more.

I went on with this for three whole months (i would sometimes take a day or two off for the sake of being nice) . Instead of several times a day, I changed to once in morning and once at night. Also I tried my best to stay busy. I got a job, focused on that and even made a guy friend to keep my mind busy for some time. I kid you not, I got another call from a random number. I answered it and sure enough it was my ex. He asked to come see me if that was okay. I said "dont think your girlfriend would like that" He said nothing and hung up. An hour later a knock at my door.
It was him and you know what he told me? "She left me for another guy and I just found out they were texting in secret and she was planning on leaving me all this time." I was in so much shock i didnt speak. He was rambling on about how he wasnt really that happy with her and I was always in his thoughts even when he would try to convince himself that he didnt care about me. A week later we are back together just like I wanted!
Ask me anything!!! And congrats if you made it to the end! Dont ask too much about the technique because you have to look in the book for that. Its bad juju to give free info away!

Now I just wonder what will my karma be

9/11/2019 3:54 am  #2

Re: I got my ex back in three months!!

well done!!! so cool!!!

9/18/2019 6:35 pm  #3

Re: I got my ex back in three months!!

I found myself smiling when I read your post!  Although I don't write often about using the technique with anger or evil thoughts it certainly does work.  I have done it.  Many of my readers have done it.  I pass no judgment and I am SO happy he's back.  Now that you know the power you have don't give it up.  xoxoxoxo

10/30/2019 3:56 pm  #4

Re: I got my ex back in three months!!

Hey yaya, when you visualized the girlfriend saying that she doesn't trust him, wants to cheat, etc - Did you visualize her in your first person? Was it just her or was the boyfriend included in the visualization? I would love a more detailed instruction on how to plant those thoughts into a third party.

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