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9/30/2019 10:56 am  #1

A confirmation


It was about 3 years ago when I started to more intentionally manifest my desires. I started here doing BWD and PW.  I know that I've posted successes here before.  I've long since lost interest in my original target.  But,  I wanted to share that he STILL contacts me for dates etc.  He will not give up.

I also wanted to share that I participated in an activity.   A person completed a drawing and then claimed to send a mental message to me of what they drew.   I then proceeded to draw exactly what they drew.   I've had my confirmation before, but this further confirmed the power of the mind.  Your target receives your messages and thoughts. I also want you to keep in mind though that this also proves that self love is very important with this as well.  If you are sending out negative messages about yourself,  that will be picked up too. That is what your target will pick up too.

I hope this helps and that everyone has been doing well!

9/30/2019 12:00 pm  #2

Re: A confirmation

Thank you for sharing!!

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