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5/07/2020 9:47 am  #1

weird response during the visualisation

Hey Everyone,

I discover Lanie's work on the beginning of the week, i bought all book and the PW and Remove Seduction Prog.
After reading the book ( honestly i'm working on manifestation still a long time but i have always feeling it was a missing piece... TADAM
So I have test the short guided meditation and something strange appen. I have feel and seen my POI, and at the begining he were repeating my words like you describe on the book, but when it was my turn to said how much  i love him, and wanted to be with him...., I heard him talking again, said others things than the one i was having on mind ( honestly i heard him begging for my forgiveness and asking me to his forever... not the image i want for my man trust me
Also and that very strange too, i have test the long PW guided meditation at it was very strange i have trembling movement ( maybe it was kundalini, but i didn't tremble like that normally) and I had a headache like there was too much pressure Did i mess up on the visualisation? I's very strange, before doing the guided meditation i saw sure of me, things will be better between us, but for now, i don't know maybe ... I have talk to a good friend, she thinks that maybe i was at the moment connected to his own toughts ... or maybe that's something i want to hear deeper in me concerning the way he respond.... but for trembling and headache i really have no ideas!?!

If you have idea, or experiment things like that would be very great to have your feedback.
Many thanks in advance

PS: hope you'll understand my english, it's not my native language and writing is stronger than reading.

lots of love and light for all my sisters


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