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7/14/2020 2:33 pm  #1

My ex is dating someone

I dumped my ex three times. Last time was four months ago because he didn't spent much time with me. After I left him I didn't feel much about him. He texted me couple of times after that. He apologized for me and said he missed me and thought of me everyday. But I didn't go back maybe I was not so interested in it.  three weeks ago I texted him and said hi. He responded to me. One week later when I tried to reach him I found he was out of town with a woman. When he came back he said he was dating another woman and couldn't talk to me much. So I felt the pain of loss and desperate. He is a good person.  It is not easy to find men with his qualities. I want to get him back. What can I do now? Thanks for any thoughts.

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