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7/29/2019 9:54 pm  #131

Re: Questions? Post here! People who aren't signed up - come on join in!

IntentionallyThoughtful wrote:


So, I’ve had success with the techniques before (I kind of mash up BWD and PW).

I even did it on my ex for several months, stopped because I started seeing someone else and one night “opened our space” in BWD/PW and his energy came rushing at me. I could literally feel him missing me desperately. The next day he left his girlfriend and told me he wanted me back. I told him no and I’ve moved on. But still.

Anyway, right now I am having a hard time staying positive about this new interest I have because it seems that as I’ve started the technique, he stopped messaging/dating me! I know it works, but it makes you think twice when you don’t get immediate results. How do you stay positive??

Also, what are some things you visualize? Do you also visualize your relationship? Any tips or fresh ideas for me??

You know it works, you've experienced it working but now because you WANT it to work instantly you are blocking it.  THERE IS NO WAY THE THOUGHTS DON'T REACH THE PERSON!  :-)  You can't fail to connect although you may not receive instant gratification.  Just relax about the outcome and you will see faster results.  :-)

8/02/2019 7:33 pm  #132

Re: Questions? Post here! People who aren't signed up - come on join in!

Hey Lanie, can I put in a request for like a 15-30 minutes audio of you pumping us up and repeatedly telling us this works? Lo!!

For real, I would 100% buy that. It doesn’t have to be meditative. 😂😂

8/07/2019 7:17 pm  #133

Re: Questions? Post here! People who aren't signed up - come on join in!

Lanie Stevens wrote:

Angel wrote:

Lanie Stevens wrote:

You can focus on several people but do it at different times.  Choose a different place for each one if you like to keep them separated.  :-)


I would choose a different place for the visualization for each separate person to create a specific connection when you mentally "see" that place.  :-)


8/08/2019 2:32 am  #134

Re: Questions? Post here! People who aren't signed up - come on join in!

Can I please ask you another question!?!!?   I have a PoI in another country....  Last July when I discovered PW I did it every day twice a day everyday , for about 7 weeks..all the way  thru to mid september.. he did reach out after 6 months of NC the day i quit doing it cos i wasnt seeing results (!!)  so there was my confirmation.  He didn´t say or act in the new way i visualised..he reached out but he was his old self.  I had a lot of old story blocking it from fully reaching him i think.  Well now I am doing mental diet and i see things already shifting i think..i know ppl have had mega success with mental diets alone especially with their PoI… my question is, will the 2 months i did last year on him finally soak thru to his subconscious if i get my old stories out of the way with mental diet etc.?  Or would I have to start again on him cos the old PW work on him "misscarried" by all the doubts i had*  thanks !!

8/09/2019 4:43 pm  #135

Re: Questions? Post here! People who aren't signed up - come on join in!

Hi you wonderful ladies! 

I just wanted to introduce myself to you all, my name is Lindsy and I'm looking to manifest my dream man as well as help others as much as possible.

I have been practicing the LOA and spiritual development for a few years now and have manifested some pretty magical things, like my dream job and a new apartment. 

The only thing I feel is missing right now is my other half, I know he's out there but I'm just having trouble finding him! 

Anyway, just thought I'd say hi to you all, and look forward to helping one another on this spiritual journey together! 



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